Edendale School No. 3 

Circa 1893 

Inside the little red schoolhouse, moved here in 1965 from Edendale Township, is a wooden floor that still bears the axe marks from children chopping wood inside the foyer to heat the room.  Different sized desks await students of all ages.  A sand table, standard in schoolrooms of this era, was the base for students' displays.

A one-room schoolhouse usually taught children from first grade through eighth grade.  The teacher was usually a young female between eighteen and twenty-four years of age. The teacher usually started the day before the students, arriving early to start the fire in the stove so that the building would be warming when the children arrived. In addition she filled the inkwells, swept the floors, filled the water coolers, etc.

The State of North Dakota required five items in a one-room schoolhouse: a picture of George Washington, a picture of Abraham Lincoln, the American flag, a map, and the Ten Commandments. Discipline was usually not a problem for the teacher, because the children usually were punished twice - by the teacher and by the parents.